Add the Midway to your ONA16 must-see schedule

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Before you read any further, you may want to turn on some music.

Are you ready for this?

The Midway schedule is here!!!

Product demos! Hands-on trainings! Office hours! Start-up launches! We guarantee you will walk out of every visit to the Midway totally pumped about the amazing new tech and products featured throughout the Capitol Ballroom and the adjacent Start-Up Alley.
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Step right up to the greatest show in Denver!

By now, you know ONA16 is going to be amazing. The speakers! The receptions! The beautiful Mile-High City! But you may not know about the super attraction taking place inside the one of the main conference ballrooms: the Midway.


Credit: YouTube user “aleks dude”

While having a fishbowl ring toss might be challenging in the midst of a sea of electrical plugs, you will have the opportunity to check out and play with some amazing new technology at booths small and big: sensors and 360 video! A 21st century climate almanac! Virtual reality! Livestreaming!

Plus there’s the Bullring, the stage area in the Midway with its own programming. Here, you’ll see presentations about new digital platform experiences! Creating professional video broadcasts with just a phone! Making beautiful story layouts without coding! Changing the culture in the newsroom! And so much more.

Trying to figure out the tools and products to take your work to the next level? This is the place to really explore what companies and organizations have to offer, ranging all the way from tiny start-ups unveiling their products at ONA16 to the huge players out of Silicon Valley.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be posting the Midway program. Take a look at the Midway program from ONA15 to get a sense of how many inspiring and wonderful things we’ll be hosting in this year’s space.  As you plan your three days in Denver, you’re definitely going to want to plan several visits here.

Hanaa Rifaey is the Producer of the ONA16 Midway. You can send her questions — or inquire about the final few open spaces — here.