Tools for educators — and future journalists

Many of our sessions aren’t just resources for working journalists, but also for future journalists and educators. The ONA16 schedule is packed with sessions that focus on improving the ways we tell news stories, whether it’s understanding how to make mobile news informative, yet personal, or creating diverse political coverage. Here are some of them:

Fitting in the News: Creating Personalized Interactives. Part of what makes mobile news so unique is that it delivers personalized information to users. Jere Hester, director of news products and projects, Sandeep Junnarkar, director of interactive journalism, both from CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, and Kristen Lee, director of digital editorial operations for the New York Daily News, will guide you through how to create and produce these personalized interactions, which help users form connections to the experiences of others and gives them a deeper understanding of how the news impacts lives. 

Latinos and the 2016 Election: Reporting on Communities Regardless of Your Background. An experiment called Noticiero Móvil provides 2016 election coverage to empower Latinos, funded by an ONA/Knight Foundation grant. This project involved students speaking at multiple events in the Latino community, leading extensive interviews, surveys, reporting and holding many internal discussions about how to navigate ethnic and cultural diversity. Jose Olivares, journalist and student, and Natalie Van Hoozer, bilingual reporter, both from Noticiero Móvil;  Kelly Ann Scott, executive editor at RGJ Media, and Vanessa Vancour, faculty at the Reynolds School of Journalism/Noticiero Móvil, will join to reflect on the cultural tensions they experienced and answer questions. Audience members will be able to share their own strategies and successes in diversifying political coverage.

ONA Educators’ Meetup. This informal gathering connects  journalism educators looking to chat about all things J-school. Want to network with others in advance of the conference? Join over 1,200 members of the ONA Educators Facebook group.

Student Networking session. Calling all students and recent grads! Come meet your fellow student attendees on Friday morning and join an informal group discussion about navigating the conference, networking, and how you can get involved with ONA or start an ONA meetup group on your campus.

Table Talks: Educators + Students. Our Table Talks are a chance to meet with industry experts and your peers to tackle the issues related to educators and students you’re most passionate about. Note: Topics will be announced closer to the conference; speakers will not take questions in advance, since these are participatory conversations.

New this year: You can ask session speakers questions ahead of time to help shape the conversation. If you’re curious about an emerging trend, want to know more about a topic or are hoping that speakers will dig into something during their session, now’s your chance to post a question. We’ve embedded question forms on the session pages. To see them, just click on a session from the schedule and you can post your question directly on the ONA16 site. We’re thrilled to be using Hearken to make this happen!