Latinos and the 2016 Election: Reporting on Communities Regardless of Your Background

Noticiero Móvil is an experiment that provides 2016 election coverage to empower Latinos, funded by an ONA/Knight Foundation grant. College students working on the project are diverse; some are Latino, some Spanish speaking and others with no experience in Latino cultures. Student held multiple events in the Latino community, leading extensive interviewing, surveys, reporting and many internal discussions about how to navigate ethnic and cultural diversity. They’ll join us to reflect on the cultural tensions they experienced, answer questions and encourage audience members to share their own strategies and successes in diversifying political coverage.

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Jose Olivares - Journalist + Student, Noticiero Móvil
jlosc9 |

Kelly Ann Scott - Executive Editor, RGJ Media
KellyAnnScott |

Natalie Van Hoozer - Bilingual Reporter, Noticiero Móvil
NatVanH |

Vanessa Vancour - Faculty, Reynolds School of Journalism/ Noticiero Móvil
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