Joshua Hatch

  • Assistant Managing Editor, Data and Interactives
  • Chronicle of Higher Education

Joshua is actively involved in exploring the potential of online journalism to cover the news and inform the public in new and innovative ways. In his career he’s produced numerous packages that take advantage of the online platform, from election-based games to data-driven interactives, to narrative storytelling. At The Chronicle of Higher Education, he leads a team of data reporters, designers and developers to create data-driven interactive stories and multimedia narratives.

Since 2005, he has been providing multimedia training to journalism students and professionals around the world, including ONA mini camps, teaching courses at the University of Maryland and American University, and international training sessions in Thailand, Indonesia, The Czech Republic and Russia.

He’s worked at the Sunlight Foundation, at USA Today as Interactives Director, was the senior producer for a news animation service with Knight Ridder/Tribune, an editor at Space News, and a general assignment reporter for the Fairfax Journal.

As a board member of the Online News Association, Josh has directed the Online Journalism Awards and lead the legal committee from 2012 to 2016. He served as treasurer in 2013 and 2014, and vice president in 2015.

He earned his Master’s degree in News Media Studies from American University and his bachelor’s in journalism from the University of Richmond.

Note: Joshua is up for re-election for the ONA Board of Directors, and is currently serving as President. Learn more about Joshua's vision for ONA.