Eric Carvin

Eric, who directs social strategy at AP, has served on the ONA board since the start of 2014 and is recognized as a leading industry thinker on social journalism and on the ethics of digital news.

Eric oversees AP’s use of social media to uncover breaking news, gather user-generated content, connect with readers and share powerful content. He also guides AP’s 2,000-plus journalists as they use social in the pursuit of news. A 16-year AP veteran, he has extensive experience with innovative and interactive storytelling. He ran Ask AP, a column in which AP journalists answered readers’ questions about the news, and he edited “Far and Wide,” AP’s first news blog. He has played a number of other roles at AP, at times coordinating the global news report, at others editing national news copy or analyzing exit poll results.

At ONA, Eric founded and chairs the board’s News Ethics Committee. He also co-founded an ONA working group that is examining standards and ethics issues related to social newsgathering and that has reshaped the industry’s conversation around this critical topic.

Away from work, Eric spends his free time chasing a toddler and a 4-year-old around the living room and, weather-permitting, the playground.