Quick Guide to Your Basic 360 / VR Toolkit

  • Friday - 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Centennial Ballroom G
  • #ONA16VRtech

The number of tools for making 360 video and virtual reality projects has exploded over the past year or two. We’ll do a quick overview of affordable cameras, audio equipment and software to help you get started.

— This session has recorded audio


Shaheryar Popalzai - ICFJ-Knight Fellow, International Center for Journalists
spopalzai | http://shaheryarpopalzai.com

Lakshmi Sarah - Co-Founder, Tiny World Productions
LakiTalki | http://www.lakisarah.com

Kevin Tsukii - Immersive Video Lead, Immersive Group
kevintsukii | http://emblematicgroup.com

Nicholas Whitaker - Training and Development Manager, Google
nickdigital | http://nicholaswhitaker.com