Journalistic Standards in a Virtual World

  • Saturday - 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Centennial Ballroom A
  • #VRstandards

As VR expands into newsrooms, it’s time, as former AP Standards Editor Tom Kent put it in a recent Medium post, for an ethical reality check: “How real is virtual reality intended to be? Where’s the line between actual event and the producer’s artistic license? Is VR journalism supposed to be the event itself, an artist’s conception of the event or something akin to a historical novel, ‘based on a true story’?” We’ll talk with some of the leaders in the field about ethical conundrums present and future.


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Ben Kreimer - Drone and VR Specialist, Freelance and Drone Journalism Lab
benkreimer |

Kelly McBride - Vice President, The Poynter Institute
KellyMcB |

Andrew Metz - Managing Editor, Frontline


Sarah Hill - CEO & Chief Storyteller, StoryUP VR
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