KEYNOTE: Do We Need a Bechdel Test for News? How Inclusiveness and Credibility Can Expand Coverage

Around the world, news features women only 24 percent of the time, a data point indicative of journalism’s larger problem with inclusiveness in all forms of diversity, including race, ethnicity and sexual orientation. As tragic incidents in Orlando, Baton Rouge, Nice and Dallas have underscored, newsrooms on average lack diversity in sources, expert commentators and subjects -- and often that starts with the make-up of staff. Our innovative experts will provide case studies and concrete insights into challenges and successes of inclusivity, and share how technology, transparency, partnerships and editorial prioritization can fuel growth in both reach and impact.


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Slide deck from the talk

Medium piece, Do we need a Bechdel test for news? by moderator Alisa Miller

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Lisa Stone - Entrepreneur and Digital Media Strategist,
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Jose Antonio Vargas - Founder and CEO, Define American / #EmergingUS
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Alisa Miller - President and CEO, Public Radio International
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