Using CrowdTangle to Find and Build Communities

  • Thursday - 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • CrowdTangle Booth, Capitol Ballroom
  • #ONA16MW

This session is sponsored by Using CrowdTangle to Find and Build Communities

"The Agent Orange project started with a call out asking Vietnam veterans and their family members to tell us about AO exposure. We wanted to take a look at how children and grandchildren were impacted by this exposure. We launched the project tin June of 2015 not with a story, but with this callout. Since, we’ve collected almost 6,000 stories from this community. A big part of it was not merely social media distribution but community building. Part of this community building was done through Crowdtangle. I used Crowdtangle to find pages that either shared our AO stories, reporting of our AO stories or those merely talking about it. From there, I went into each of these posts and monitored conversation and went through each person who shared said post. If a person shared it to another page or group, I followed that and was able to find dozens and dozens of interested pages and groups that I would not have found otherwise. It’s been immensely helpful." - Terry Parris Jr, the Engagement Editor @ProPublica