Midway offers tools for live streaming, video and the ethics around both

Poynter’s Al Tompkins wrote on July 8:

Facebook Live came of age this week in the way that radio did in World War II, TV did when John Kennedy was killed, cable TV did during the first Gulf War and Twitter did in the Arab Spring.”

While live streaming has existed for a few years, this past month brought it fully into the mainstream. Journalists and non-journalists alike are capturing raw live coverage of important events in ways that are transforming the dialogue, shifting perspectives as viewers experience situations immediately as they unfold.

If you’re not live streaming but want to learn more about how to DIY or are interested in figuring out how to work with citizen journalists to capture video, the Midway is the place to be. Facebook will be on hand to discuss Facebook Live. Additionally, make sure to check out start-ups Stre.am and LivePost with their own live streaming apps.

BigVu Video Pic

Credit: BigVu

Of course there are more ways to showcase video besides streaming! BigVu will show you how to create a professional-looking news broadcast from your phone, complete with a built-in teleprompter. Fresco and Storyhunter can help you engage citizen journalists who can capture video for your news site. Shorthand allows outlets to present multimedia stories beautifully — with no coding! And Brightspot organizes all digital content into a single library, making it easier for editors to create and maintain the content.

Finally, as live streaming and video continue to evolve, journalists need to consider the ethics of use. Thankfully, First Draft News will be on-hand in the Midway discussing their mission to helping navigate the tricky ethical road of reporting using social media.

Looking forward to seeing you in the Midway — and maybe on an ONA live stream!

Hanaa Rifaey is the Producer of the ONA16 Midway. You can send her questions — or inquire about the final few open spaces — here.