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As journalists learning to make payroll, it’s possible there are some mistakes we haven’t made en route to reaching 50 million people per week, but there’s time. We may fall down a few more times as we imagine surviving the next recession — but we’ve made it through three so far and we’re still standing!

You may or may not be familiar with Public News Service’s 36 state-based outlets, such as the California News Services, New York News Connection, Northern Rockies News Service, Texas News Service, etc.

Though we’ve supported scores of journalists across the country in the 20 years since we launched, we may not be well known for a few reasons. Despite the “selfie” world we live in, self-promotion doesn’t come easy for many journalists. We also haven’t had the resources to market our own brand. We may fall down a few more times, but we’ve made it through three recessions so far.

So how can we be helpful to the field?

We’ve developed about five different funding streams — all of which have pitfalls — and each tax structure comes with different “delights” (because why should Oprah have all the naming fun). We’ve learned that media literacy is a constant in almost all funding conversations, that ethical dilemmas are ever-present, and the lure of the next shiny thing can be our biggest downfall.

Still, and, truly, “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit,” as President Harry Truman said.

Collaborators, welcome. Researchers, let’s chat. We play well with others. The thousands of newsrooms who find our public interest content useful (about 8,000 at last count) typically don’t have the resources to go after these stories themselves, but we make it easier — and possible even — for many journalists to include voices and perspectives that make for more inclusive and richer public conversations.

We’re interested in highlighting what brings value to our national debate, and supports democracy. This is no time to tolerate the narrative that people of good will aren’t capable of solving monstrous challenges.

And you …

This is your invitation to use our dedicated news distribution platform to access thousands of stories, audio, broadcast scripts and images, without cost.

You’re welcome to edit and use any of our content as you see fit. Mash it up.

Attribution is always welcome, but not required. We’re funded by grants, gifts, memberships, our social mission contributor SoundBite Services and our 501(c)(3) partner Media in the Public Interest.


And, we’re excited to share that, at the time of this writing, we’re the “preferred journalism project” on Kickstarter. Please consider giving our first-ever crowfunding campaign some love, and help us produce more news you can use.

If you’re already using content from our public website, it’s only podcasts and text. Please sign up for our journalists-only platform.

There are between eight and 10 elements per story when you access our site designed for journalists. Plus, we provide a six minute daily national news podcast. Here’s how to sign up: Go to and click on “Media Outlets – Sign Up Here.”

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When you do, below is what you’ll see — this is sample content from our Pennsylvania site. We’re here to be useful, and want to connect. If you have any questions, please call 303-448-9105 or e-mail,

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