ONA16 Suggestion Box: What Topics Will We Discuss at ONA16?

This is the second in a three-part series of posts on our Suggestion Box — your opportunity to pitch session ideas and presenters for ONA16. Check out part 1 to find out what makes for a great pitch. Part 3 describes what happens to pitches once they are received.

Our Suggestion Box, which closes March 31, is your opportunity to pitch ideas to ONA to ensure we cover the most important trends and topics in digital journalism. It also represents the best opportunity to present at ONA16, as most of our sessions are selected through this process.

We’re often asked, “What will you talk about at ONA16?” Even in three days of wall-to-wall programming, there’s no shortage of issues to cover.

While we don’t have formal conference themes, we do recognize that certain issues are timely and likely will warrant specific consideration in our conversations this year.

We’ll be looking to make sure these topic areas are covered at ONA16 … and will, of course, be including many, many more of your ideas, as submitted through our Suggestion Box.

  • Web video: Online video consumption has exploded in the past couple of years, and we suspect there’s more growth potential ahead. We’ll discuss how best to craft engaging web videos, as well as how people are using various platforms like Periscope and Facebook Live video to reach a real-time audience.
  • Innovative revenue models: Have a creative idea for revenue for newsrooms? We’re looking to include your voice at ONA16. We want to build on the successful revenue sessions held at ONA16 by looking at new ways to diversify.
  • Virtual reality / augmented reality: This year we’d like to host more conversations around virtual reality and augmented reality; the community is robust and a number of newsrooms have been doing dramatically different, innovative projects, so it’s time to take stock and see what we’ve learned.
  • Elections: There’s no escaping it; the 2016 Presidential election season has been one of the wildest in recent memory. We’ll look at how newsrooms have been approaching some of the more unique aspects of the campaigns.

These are just a few examples of issues we hope to cover at ONA16, and we’ll include so much more. Be sure to submit ideas relevant to your work to our Suggestion Box.

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